FedEx: An Example of Handling Crisis Well


By now I am sure most people have heard about the potential disaster FedEx was faced with. If not, I will summarize really quickly.

Basically, a guy caught a FedEx delivery driver on his home surveillance camera throwing a new LCD Monitor over the fence.

Here is the video if you are interested:

Obviously the internet went crazy about this and FedEx was potentially faced with a serious problem on their hands. Andy Beal, a blogger who I often read, rightfully asked everyone for their opinion on how they thoguht FedEx should respond to this. At the time I didnt say anything because, well, we have all seen how this goes. Companies often dig their own grave and everyone else learns from their mistakes.

Andy wrote a follow up titled FedEx Delivery Driver Debacle Ends With a Whispered Apology. The point he was trying to make was that since the situation has gone global and viral with over 2.6 Million views on Youtube, you have to wonder why FedEx isn’t doing more to protect its reputation.

But in this case, I don’t agree AT ALL with Andy. I think FedEx handled the situation flawlessly.

  • They responded quickly
  • They corrected the problem and
  • They kept it an internal private and isolated incident
Video of the apology:

And sure enough, it worked. I haven’t heard much chatter about it and I know my twitter feed has NOT been going nuts abuot this. Well done FedEx! You set a great example for how to handle an isolated incident. Don’t make a big deal and it will subside. The dust will settle. 


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