How to Capture Your Pinterest Audience and a Tool

Recently Pinterest has been the latest buzz in social media driving unreal amounts of traffic to sites. It has grown remarkably fast and apparently is expected to continue this growth.

There is one thing that stands out about Pinterest which I think makes it so valuable. Unlike other networks, what makes Pinterest unique is that users decide what updates they want to see and which streams they want to be apart of.

What do I mean?

On Twitter you follow a user and are subjected to every tweet they send out wheather you like it or not. On Facebook and Google+, it’s a step up in that page owners can put users in a group which they think they belong to. But still, as a user, I cant control what I see.

Pinterest is Different

Pinterest is differnt since users chose which ‘boards’ they want to follow, and which ones they don’t. Below is an example where I have chosen not to follow “09 news and politics”  and “out of doors” but would like to follow “Nerd Alert” and “Awesome Randomness”.

Interest Based User Information

The power is in the hands of the user. And even more, this information is very powerful because the user is already an engaged audience. Its golden!

The Problem

Sadly, there is not yet a way to find out who is following which boards. I speculate that as Pinterest matures, it will start showing this valuable information, opening a while world of tolols for marketers to better understand what drives their audiences. But currently, Pinterest is seriously lacking in this area.

The Solution

My colleague Matt Drobysh shared a great article with me which was all about tips for brands on Pinterest. One of the key tips which jumped out was that brands could EASILY identify users who are already sharing their content. When you think about it, this is incredible information to have since these users are ALREADY engaged with your brand.

All you need to do is type into the brower: (replace the URL with your own page)

And this will show you all the content that has been shared from your site.

But still that doesn’t seem to be helpful enough since its hard to extract the information about your audience. So I figured it was time to call in the big guns.

The Solution For the Solution

I told my friend Josh what I was looking to get and within minutes he whipped together this unreal tool which lets you capture your pinterest audience, the ones who have ALREADY shared your information.

The Pinterest Audience tool lives on his site or you can just export a CSV below.

Just drop in that URL from above and the little tool he created will give you a highly target audience.

Export your CSV Here

Hope you Enjoy

Cool stuff? For sure.Feel free to pass this around and share it.

Honestly, what I am really hoping more than anything is that Pinterest, as they continue to grow, will add more tools for marketers so we can better leverage this valuable information and better engage with our audience.

In the mean time, enjoy.

One More Thing

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  1. says

    This is nifty, but if your site has >50 items pinned, as mine does, the tool has limited utility, as it appears to pull only the 50 most recent pins, which I imagine has something to do with Pinterest’s “waterfall” data reveal architecture or its API, assuming it has one. Still, it’s a cool first pass at trying to make sense of the Pinterest data–the portion of my site’s traffic that comes from the site continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so I hope you’ll keep sharing ways to get at that data!

    • says

      Hi Cameron,
      I recognize that its limited to 50 too. Seems like at this time there is no API for Pinterest, although, that very well might change. I am sure there is a way to gather more than 50 though. My true hope is that Pinterest comes out with some kind of tool suite for marketers so we can get REAL info and make it actionable.

      We will have to wait and see. But thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed.

  2. Jenny Lens says

    So everything in the world has to be measured, with known metrics? Some things can’t be for fun? Sure businesses are using it. But artists are gaining momentum without metrics. Sometimes KNOWING and aiming towards yr niche market is enough. Ya can’t have fun unless you dissect it, can you?


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