The Israel Snow Storm of 2013 and Community Snowball Fights

During what has been called the most intense storm in the middle east in decades, with intense weather, frequent blackouts which left us with no power or internet… or heat, bad cell phone reception, and car accidents all over the country, we tried to stay sane and safe. As a native Chicagoan, by Mid-West standards, this Mid-East storm was crazy! I am glad I was here to experience it, since the last time there was a horrible storm in Israel, I literally missed it by a day!

snow ball maker in snowy israel snowman snow affect filter yehudah hamacabi in snowy Israel







With intermittent cell phone connectivity and on and off power, I was lucky enough to be able to capture and share some fantastic images and videos of what we experianced. We also found that an incredible source of information came from Facebook updated from our local municipality. When they shut down the roads to Jerusalem, people were stranded all over the place posting cries for help. Luckily we have an amazon air drone locally which was able to fly some people to safety (ok, ok, I’m lying. We  were cooped up at home… things started to get weird!).

What Did We Do?

Well, there was an igloo which we helped build.

Way past his bedtime but TOTALLY worth it
Way past his bedtime but TOTALLY worth it

There also may or may not have been an adult sledding meetup, at the top of one of the local streets, in the middle of the storm, (alcohol may or may not have been involved).

cooking sheets and cardboard boxes do not work
cooking sheets and cardboard boxes do not work

There were community wide snow ball fights across the streets, snowmen, forts, and hot cocoa.

hot coco in snowy israel

And then, despite the sun coming out, while we were still stuck at home because the roads to Jerusalem were still closed. But we had fun! There were activities at home and some last minute snow fun on the balcony (or so I heard since I was working :) ).

Dovid snowy balcony on mirpeset in snowy Israel Danya Snowy balcony in Efrat







And me and Dovid had a chance to go out and survey the area and all the general shenanigans around here!

What Did I Learn?

Honestly, nothing. There is not lesson. I was just trying to enjoy the time with my kids. But I did realize one thing… I love our life here :)


  1. Steve W says

    Aaron, you are indeed fortunate to love living in the land about which we Jews have been praying for millennia. Our ancestors would have sacrificed everything to be able to return to Zion. You ,your family and my family (including my Aaron, Ilanit etc.) along with millions of other Jews are now able to fulfill the dreams of
    previous generations. Plus you can have fun in the snow too!

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