Perception vs Reality & Scaring the S#*t Out Of My Daughter

Sometimes our lives on social media can be deceiving. Sometimes things aren’t all they seem and our perfect little lives are a bit more complicated than seen. And sometimes, those perfect moments are a flat out lie. I agree with the sentiment my friend Sarah shares when she writes about the lies we tell on Facebook.

h/t Jon Henshaw's Facebook
h/t Jon Henshaw‘s Facebook

What You Think Happened

Allow me for a moment to share a photo and caption of a delightful day I had with my daughter.


Honestly, it was a perfect day at the park. We were having a great time.

And, if I had left it to Google+ you would also think the rest of the day was one that any parent would be envious of –> (not embedable, but amazingly special father daughter time

What Actually Happened

Now let me break down for you what you are ACTUALLY seeing.

We went to the park, started by having a great time. Swings were fun, playing in the rocks, standard, climbing on the jungle gym. Scared lifeless by an octopus. Made to leave the park. Tried to console by blowing bubbles and sharing endless supplies of chocolate with child. All good.

Oh, whats that? You missed the octopus scene?

Thats right. Google censored that piece out, and until a few days later, I didn’t share the real footage that piece was censored out because I was busy dealing with the traumatized child.

Here is what really happened.

So there you have it. Just realize that things aren’t always as they seem. Lucky for all of you, I am a bit too transparent so you get to see this gem.

P.S. She has gotten over the trauma. She is back at the park :)


    • aaronfriedman says

      @staceycav:disqus Yep! The cropped version. I have found myself doing EXACTLY that on instagram…. cropping out the garbage left on the table so no one sees that I am a slob :)

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