Pinterest Tool Round 2 and a Bookmarklet

A couple months ago, I wrote about a tool for pinterest which my friend Josh and I collaborated on (well, I came up with the idea and he basically did everything else :) ).

I never wanted the tool to end there and had hoped others would take the idea to the next level.

Leave it to AJ Kohn! When he sent me a note the other day saying he wanted to build on the existing framework, I knew he was up to something awesome (see the G+ thread here). So I reached back out to Josh and a few back and forths later..

BOOM! Pinterest Bookmarklet 

(Just drag to your bookmarks)

What makes this bookmarklet so powerful is that you never actually have to visit Pinterest to see what information users are sharing. No matter what site you are on, just click the bookmarklet and you immediately get a complete .csv of everyone who has pinned your content.

And its no longer limited to 50. Now you get all the pins!

Give it a whirl and Good luck!

And one more thing. I would love to hear how everyone is using this tool. Feedback helps make it better.




  1. says

    I really hope Pinterest takes note of this when/if they build out tools of their own…this is fantastic stuff. I would love to see the names of the boards and which categories they were assigned to. Seeing the names of the Pins themselves along with the link they are directing to would be amazing!

    • Josh Nankin says

      Hey Matt. Added the Pin description, board name, and board URL to the CSV. Unfortunately, the link to where the Pins are directing is a pit more of a chore, so I’ll have to work on that later.

  2. says

    Howdy – stumbled across your bookmarklet today and am fascinated. The core idea seems to have a great deal of value. One suggestion – please rename the bookmarklet soon to something unmistakable. I’ve been testing these for a work project, and not having a unique name means your bookmarklet is lost in the jumble. Pinterest Spy, Pinterest Crunch, Mine Pinterest – anything along those lines would be really helpful for me to be able to immediately identify the tool and recognize its function.

    Great project, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the next incarnations.

  3. says

    This is truly cool. One of the first use cases is to identify who your (or your competitors) top re-pinners are. This is easily done by number of pins. However, I just found that one of the top repinners only has 20 global followers. Here is the additional data that would be super useful in the CSV:

    User Level
    – # of Followers
    Board Level
    – # of Followers
    Pin Level
    – # of Comments and Re-pins

    If you added this (or any subset) then it would be that much more helpful to identify “pinfluencers”. How difficult would that be?

  4. says

    Hi Aaron,

    This is incredible. I am definitely going to be using this alongside analytics referral reports to quickly see which users are sending the most traffic.

    Just looking through the data quickly, I think one field that would be extraordinarily helpful would be to pull in the date the pin was created. This would help so much in seeing pin ‘velocity’ and identify exactly when these were created at a glance.

    Even if that’s not possible, this tool is great.

    – Lev

    • says

      Thanks Lev, and glad to hear you like it. Good suggestion. Let me look into this and see if it can be done.

      Would love to hear if you have any success stories from this :)

  5. Sander Van der Maelen says

    Hi Aaron,

    Could your tool have stopped working? I would LOVE to try and use it, but I only get column headers and no data, even when I visit popular websites with the end trailing slash in the URL…



      • Nadia Flusche says

        Not sure if I’m not using it right, if it’s not compatible with Windows 8 or if it’s still not working. Could you let me know? Thanks much!

  6. Jake says

    Hey Aaron, this is an epic tool, however “User URL” and “Board Name” data is not populating in the csv, how can we fix this?

    Thank you,


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