The SEO Industry Is EVERYWHERE I Tell Ya!


Right after I posted this, I saw found the most incredible one yet. My buddy Justin Briggs, only this one has a big beard. But wow! Look at the resemblance!

Justin Briggs doppleganger AWESOME beard Guy




justin briggs realJustin Briggs

This has been quite the year for me professionally. I have strengthened and built many relationships, and have had some of the best experiences I could ever have asked for. This is truly a year to be remembered (more on that for my sappy end of the year closing post…. which I hope to actually do).

And, with such an amazing year, its only natural that everywhere I looked I would start to think about the amazing industry that I am part of. And sure enough that is exactly what started to happen. Every train ride I took, and even things around my home started looking more familiar than you would imagine. I kept a small collection.

Take a look.

They Totally Look Like…

For starters, there was this guy I saw on the train once. I mean, I have been at a lot of SMX conferences this year and seen a lot of Danny Sullivan, but I got a litle suspicious when I saw him on my train ride in Chicago

Doppleganger Danny Sullivan
Doppelganger Danny Sullivan




real danny sullivan

The real Danny Sullivan

The resemblance is uncanny!

And then there is Elisabeth, who I owe so much to this past year for “making me look good” (a public thank you to her :) couldn’t have done it without you.)

doppleganger elisThis Woman on the Train




real elisabethOur friend Elisabeth Osmeloski


And who can forget my dear friend Casie Gillette who I met at SMX West. We pretty much became friends immediately  and I was almost offended when In thought she came to Chicago and didn’t call me.

doppleganger casieThis Person with lots of bags




real casieThe talented Casie Gillette


Lisa Buyer and I had the pleasure of meeting at the conference scene as well. And while at the Las Vegas airport after Pubcon,  I noticed this doppelganger who I almost walked up to and started talking to. She was gracious enough to let me take a picture after I showed her the resemblance between her and Lisa.

doppleganger lisa buyerRandom person in vegas airport




real lisa buyerThe lovely Lisa Buyer


There is iAcquire, a company that I have a deep respect for which went through some rough times this year. I really didn’t really know much about them until my buddy Mike started there, only later to be joined by a fantastic group of people and an old colleague.

 iacquire dopplegangerMy children’s toy




iacquire real



The iAcquire Logo


Rand Fishkin is man who I feel has been a big part of my life and career (even though I have only met him once) and who I have written about on this blog once before. A big debt of gratitude to all he does to help move our industry in a positive direction. I was deeply let down when I realized this was not in fact him. This one is hard to tell, but trust me on this.

fake Rand FishkinA guy waiting for an elevator at work







real rand fishkin


Other Random Things

Whenever I see a brontosaurus, I start to think of “the long tail” of search because of this image.

seo-long-tail- dinosaur

And one of my sons favorite books, which we have read countless times, “oh the places you go” by Dr Seuss. I dare you to read it and not think of submitting a reconsideration request to Google (that too might become a post at another time).



Perhaps I am losing my mind. Or perhaps I just love this industry that I see it everywhere I look. Or just some strange luck that I am around these opportunities and stalkerish enough to capture them. You decide.

But the bottome line is, the industry is all over. Anyone else feel this way?


  1. Alan Bleiweiss says

    hahaha Be afraid Aaron. Be very afraid!

    No – you’re not losing your mind. As you become even more immersed in the industry, and in your relationships within the industry, it’s only natural you’re going to continue to have these kind of experiences. Its like the first time I found out I was going to be flying on a plane. All of a sudden, it was like more planes flew overhead every day than I’d seen in a lifetime. The awareness factor is amazing.

  2. Rebekah May says

    I keep seeing this guy on the bus that looks like Matt Cutts, too bad I didn’t grab a pic that you can add to this!

  3. says


    Maybe, because you like your SEO friends so much you see them everywhere. :) Maybe, you can start a collection of doppelgangers – we all will send you our images. It will be a different kind of gallery for sure.


  4. says

    Um… I think ‘seeing’ it in things like the book, dino picture doesn’t mean you’re going crazy, but it DOES mean you need a completely ‘disconnected’ vacation! take a good long break from being online:)

  5. says


    It’s syncronicity. I bet that if you were considering buying a particular car, you’d suddenly notice it everywhere – even if these were just look-a-likes.

    And now that I’ve read the comments more closely, I realize that I’ve basically reiterated what Alan said. He’s a smart man.

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